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Research and development


Epilepsy is the first targeted indication with GAOMA’s lead drug candidate GAO-3-02.

With 50 to 70 million patients affected worldwide, epilepsy is one of the most prevalent severe neurological disorder. In addition to the recurrent seizures that characterize the disease, patients with epilepsy also suffer from cognitive, behavioral or psychological comorbidities. The social and economic consequences of epilepsy are huge, with an estimate cost equivalent to 0.2% of GDP in developed countries (i.e. €30-40 billion per year in Europe), and even more in developing countries.

One third of patients with epilepsy is refractory to currently available treatments and almost half of patients suffers from side effects, such as lowered cognitive performances. Furthermore, the anti-epileptic drugs currently available on the market aim to limit the seizures but leave unattended the other disorders due to the disease, which truly degrade the patients’ quality of life.

Thanks to its new mechanism of action, the drug candidate GAO-3-02 aspire to address both seizures and cognitive impairment related to epilepsy, in a sustained fashion, and with a good tolerance.


GAOMA’s story started with epilepsy, but our objective is not to stop there. We aim to progressively explore the benefits of our molecules in other indications too, both in the fields of neurological and non-neurological disorders.