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GAO-3-02 is a novel active ingredient, patented and developed by GAOMA Therapeutics. Thanks to its innovative mode of action, this lipid derivative represents a promising drug candidate for epilepsy. The molecule is able to impact on neuroinflammation and aberrant brain plasticity, two biological processes involved in the development and maintenance of the disease.

Through the various preclinical studies performed, GAO-3-02 demonstrated its ability to protect, restore, or improve cognitive functions. It also displayed strong and sustained anti-seizure activity, showing GAOMA’s strategy to decipher new routes for disease treatment to be fruitful.

Because of its mechanism of action, GAO-3-02 may also have an interest in other indications than epilepsy. As a first step, GAOMA will thus explore the efficacy of the molecule in preclinical models of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Additional indications will probably be explored in the future too.

GAO-11-02 is a prodrug resulting from the pairing of GAO-3-02 with one of GAOMA’s proprietary vectors. GAOMA intends to explore the interest of GAO-11-02 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), as the prodrug would protect the anti-inflammatory active ingredient (GAO-3-02) up to its release in the distal part of the digestive tract, which is particularly affected in IBD.