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GAO-3-02 is a novel active ingredient developed by GAOMA Therapeutics. Thanks to its innovative mode of action, this lipid derivative represents a promising drug candidate for epilepsy.

Targeting primarily the protection or restoration of cognitive functions in epilepsy, GAO-3-02 has also shown in various preclinical studies a strong and sustained anti-seizure activity. The neurobiological mechanisms underlying its effects target neuroinflammation and aberrant synaptic plasticity, two biological processes involved in the development and maintenance of the disease.

GAO-3-02 thus demonstrates GAOMA's successful strategy to explore new routes for the treatment of the disease. 

Because of its mechanism of action, GAO-3-02 can also be considered for a therapeutic potential in other indications than epilepsy. GAOMA will thus explore the activity of the molecule in preclinical models of additional diseases.